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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2006


This year I ran the Duryea (Reading, PA) and Giant's Despair (Laurel Run, PA) hillclimbs in the orange 93F, and the Pagoda (Reading, PA) and Hershey Vintage (Hershey, PA) hillclimbs in the Brand 'X' Sports Racer.

Chuck races by an unknown photographer during the Duryea Hillclimb

Giant's Despair is no match for the 2-stroke power of Chuck's 93F (credit unknown)

Chuck attacks the 2003 Pagoda Hillclimb in Brand 'X' (credit unknown)

Chuck in his Brand 'X' Sports Racer during the 2003 Hershey Hillclimb (Jay Texter photo)

Close to the fans at Hershey (Ed Hyman photo)

Joe Foering races Chuck's 93F in the 2003 Hershey Hillclimb (Jay Texter photos)

I also ran the VIR Gold Cup Historics, June 7-9, in the Sports Racer, where I was pitted against a beautiful Lister Jag in the American Specials race. Again, I was running hard against a "giant" with my tiny car. I ran hard behind him at times inches off the rear of his car. However, my hard running ended my race a few laps from the end due to overheating. I had to pull off, watch the rest of the race from off on the side of the uphill "esses", and then get towed in. The car was still suffering some teething problems with the cooling system.

Brand 'X' in the rainy practice session, VIR Gold Cup Historics (David Eanes photo)

The VIR Gold Cup Historics provided a dryer race day (David Eanes photo)

Chuck in pursuit of the Lister Jag (Gordon Jolley photo)

In addition, of course, there was Sebring, back in March, in the 93F [as reported in an earlier article - webmaster].

Right now preparations for Sebring 2004 are under way for the 93F. I have some new bits for the rear axle to put on the car as well as a bit of rust work as the doors are starting to show their age. And of course a few cosmetics as well.

It was a great year of vintage Saab two stroke racing and we'll be back next year running hard trying to catch anything and everything out on course I can!

In addition to vintage road racing, I brought the 93F to Import Carlisle to participate with the "Saab’s at Import Carlisle." This event was one of the largest gatherings of Saab cars nationally! For this effort the group was awarded the largest club attendance award! It was an honor to be a part of that group, which was sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Saab Club.

And! …The Saab Owners Convention '03 in Hershey, PA. It was truly an honor to be there presenting a seminar on vintage racing Saab’s. In addition, I participated in the "Viking Challenge," and brought home a very respectable 3rd Place Overall finish against some very impressive competition in modified Saabs. That was an incredible amount of fun! Hopes of seeing everyone next year are still quite vivid in my mind. There is nothing like gathering with fellow enthusiasts and their Saabs, sharing great stories and good times.