Sonett Secrets

This section contains little known facts about the Sonett, 96, 2-stroke and V4 engines. 

Each "fact" is presented on a seperate page.  From the master directory below, click on the picture or the  link to take you to the associated "secret"

96fuelyoval.jpg (18239 bytes) Fuel Injection of the V4 (1971 factory effort)

During the heyday of Saabs rally effort, a mechanical fuel injection system was developed for the V4. It featured ram induction and port injection.  See the unit in detail.

carboval.jpg (15099 bytes) Sonett Carburetion Treatise

Bill Lee, the original Technical Editor for the New England Sonett Club explains carburetion principles and options for the Sonett III.   This article is from 1981, nonetheless much of it is still relevant.

msstreatiseoval.jpg (17643 bytes) The evolution of a Sonett race car by MSS

This detailed collection of writings by Jack Lawrence recounts his experience building a national champion Sonett race car.  This is must reading for the racer or performance enthusiast.

sparkplugoval.jpg (16051 bytes) Bosch Spark Plug Cross Reference

The OEM spark plug for the V4 was made by Bosch (most years anyway). In the "old days" there was one number scheme, and now there is another. Use the table to cross reference between the two.

acoval.gif (14618 bytes) Sonett Factory Air 1972-1974

In the last three years of production, the Sonett III was optionally equipped with air conditioning in the US.  Presented here are a full detailing of the parts in the AC kit  and a descriptive  narrative.

gearnoiseoval.jpg (15324 bytes) Second Gear Noise - Cause and Remedy

After many miles, 4 speed trannies often exhibit a hearty whine in second gear.  Look here for the diagnosis and one practical remedy.

gearsoval.jpg (18334 bytes) V4 Gear Ratio Comparison

The Saab Competitions Department made available a number of gear sets and final drives (ring and pinion) for the V4.  See how they measure up. 

ford104oval.jpg (15873 bytes) FORD Industrial is a source for V4 Parts

In the United States, the V4 engine is not used in automotive applications.  It is, however, a workhorse industrial engine.  FORD Industrial often has the part when SAAB doesn't and for less money.

fastonoval.jpg (9905 bytes) Fast-On/Fast-Off Multiple Connector Housings

The Sonett   electrical cable plant utilizes AMP FASTON connectors. These  connectors are present on  virtually all interconnects.  See what's available direct from AMP.

timingoval.gif (10591 bytes) HiPo Timing Trick

A potent V4 will often be timed with a total advance of 37 or more degrees.  Here is a tip on how to use a standard timing light to set this much adavnce.

coilsoval.jpg (14870 bytes) Add more fire to your V4 ignition

A vintage sport (performance) coil will provide easier starting and smoother running in a normal or HiPo V4. Find general explanations and details of HiPo coils and MSD units here..

tempoval.jpg (12701 bytes) Temperature Guage Calibration

The water temp gauge is a simple instrument, calibrated in "green" and "red" zones.   Ever wonder where 210 degress was?  Learn how to calibrate your temperature guage.